The Ultimate Cheapskate Snack

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Our between meal snacks can add a significant, although often unnoticed, expense to our food budgets. Yet its not just the added financial costs of potato chips, cookies, ice cream, and other snacks that hurt our budgets. The added calories also threaten our waistlines. Recently, Ive been searching for snacks that are not only healthy […]

Frugal Food Link Edition

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Today Id like to mention some great frugal food articles from around the blogosphere. In a previous post we discussed the presence of pesticides on our produce and the possible impact on our children. Heather at the Greenest Dollar provides even more information about the pesticides on our food and the possible effects of these pesticides […]

The Theme Display A Grocery Store Money Trap

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Supermarkets have carefully refined their methods for making us spend more than wed like. One of their most insidious money traps is the supermarket theme display. These displays usually take the form of tables, end aisles, or special shelves that display food items related around a central theme. Theme displays are commonly focused around holidays, […]