The Theme Display A Grocery Store Money Trap

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Supermarkets have carefully refined their methods for making us spend more than wed like. One of their most insidious money traps is the supermarket theme display. These displays usually take the form of tables, end aisles, or special shelves that display food items related around a central theme. Theme displays are commonly focused around holidays, […]

Supermarket Speed Bumps That Get You to Spend More

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In today’s tough economy many consumers are now shopping with a grocery list to help save money. They realize a list focuses their shopping behavior like a laser, helping them avoid ever present, but costly, impulse purchases. Yet supermarkets realize that shoppers are increasingly entering their stores with a singular purpose in mind to grab […]

How to Enjoy Your Grocery Store Indulgences Guilt Free

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Yes, Ill admit it. I have my grocery store indulgences – those sinful over-priced temptations that quickly inflate shopping bills. My particular Achilles heel is silky smooth, delicious Dove  ice cream.  At $4.79 a pint its nearly twice as expensive as quality ice creams like Breyers and Edys. Yet, I just cant resist the taste […]