When Thinking Fast Food Consider the Supermarket

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I’m not a fan of fast food restaurants. I think they are particularly over priced for the amount of food you get. Lets not even go into how unhealthy the food is.

Yet there are times when you’re tired, have little time, or for some other reason need to get a quick bite to eat. Its times like these that a quick stop into the local Burger King is unavoidable.

.. or is it.

Recently on my way to work I decided to bypass my local McDonalds and make a quick stop at the nearby supermarket. In minutes I had picked up two bananas, a pear, and an orange and was on my way to my morning meeting.

The grand total $1.64 for a healthy breakfast. Much less than the $4.99 I would have spent at McDonalds.

Its not just breakfast that Ive skipped the fast food restaurant in favor of the supermarket. One night coming home late from work I realized that there would be absolutely nothing to eat in the kitchen.

My normal inclination would have been to pull into the nearest Wendys and shell out $8.39 for dinner. This time I remembered that the local store was having a special on Marie Callender frozen dinners 5 frozen dinners for $10.

Into the store I zipped and a few minutes later I was home enjoying my dinner for a fraction of the cost of Wendys.

Sometimes to save money you just have to think outside the box.

Have you ever used the supermarket instead of a fast food restaurant for a quick meal?