4 Supercharged Coupon Ideas Thatll Have You Smiling All the Way to the Bank

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Coupons can really go a long way in helping you to reduce your grocery bills. Yet, there simple ways you supercharge your savings by getting even more mileage out your coupons.

The Raincheck Deal Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

We all hate running in the store to purchase an advertised special only to discover that the store has run out of the item. Don’t get mad. Use this situation to your advantage. Simply claim a rain check. In the future you can now combine your rain check with any manufacturers coupon you have for the same item to realize extra savings!

The Shelf Dispenser Trick

Coupon dispensers located right on the store shelves are one of my favorite sources of coupons. The key, however, is to be patient. Stores will rarely display coupon dispensers with items that are on sale. Simply place the coupon in your pocketbook and combine the coupon with a future store sale for double savings.

Buy One, Get One Free Savings

Buy One, Get One Free or BOGO sales are a great way to supersize your coupon savings. Some grocery stores charge you full price for the first item and the second item rings up for free.

Many supermarkets, however, treat BOGO sales as a half price sale essentially each item scans at half its regular price. What this allows you to do is to combine a manufacturers coupon with each item in a BOGO sale, instantly supercharging your savings.

Lets say for instance that you notice $3 spaghetti sauce on sale buy one, get one free. If your grocery store is one where the spaghetti sauce rings up at $1.50 each, you can now use a manufacturers coupon on each can of spaghetti sauce to save even more, especially if your store is one that doubles manufacturers coupons. Check with your supermarket service desk to see how they ring up BOGO sales.

The Overlooked Catalina

Catalina coupons are those printed coupons that appear on the back of your grocery store receipt. They are named after the company, Catalina Marketing, that made the coupons popular.

Catalina coupons are one of the most overlooked sources of great coupons. This is especially true since the coupon is often related to a purchase you’ve just made and are therefore likely to make in the future. Purchase a half gallon of ice cream, for instance, and you may receive a coupon for a discount on a competing brand of ice cream. As long as your not wedded to a particular brand Catalina coupons are a great way to save money.

Yet you can save even more. Since they are frequently classified as manufacturers coupons, you can use Catalina coupons with a future store sale to maximize your savings.

Coupons are a valuable part of any savvy shoppers money saving arsenal. Yet, when you know the secrets to maximize your coupon value the savings can be truly impressive.