7 Simple Ways to Save on Juice Costs

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Juice can be quite expensive. If you have kids you probably run through several bottles of juice a week. Here are 7 simple tips to save on juice costs.

Dilute your juice with a little bit of water. Juice is full of sugar and flavoring. Your kids will never notice if you dilute it with water. Simply add 20% of water to your juice for instant savings.

Stock up when juice hits its rock bottom price. Products in stores have their own sales cycles. Every few months a product will hit its absolute rock bottom price. Stock up like crazy when this happens. At a local Chicago grocery store, for instance,  orange juice usually runs around $3.99 to $4.20 per carton. Every so often you can stock up when the juice reaches an amazingly low $2 a carton.

Drink more water. No were not talking about expensive bottled water but refrigerated tap water. No one says you have to switch completely to tap water. Just make it a tradition to serve water with a particular meal of the day Р lunch for instance. Save the juice for breakfast and dinner.

Try deep discounters like Aldis. Aldis can offer amazingly low prices on juice because they have a cult like obsession to cutting costs. Spartan stores, customers who bag their own groceries, and cash / debit card only policies are some of the ways Aldis cuts costs. These cost savings are passed directly to the consumer.

Use smaller cups. Childhood obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions. Part of the problem is that we feed our children much more than they need. Consider serving less juice by using smaller cups. Soon your family will not notice the difference.

Use frozen juice concentrates. You can save 30-40% by buying frozen juice concentrates in the freezer section of your local store and adding your own water at home.

Try store brand juices. The quality of store brand products has come a long way in the last decade. Savings can be immense. Next time youre shopping try store brand juices. Many stores have money back guarantees on their store brand products so you can return an item if your family doesnt like it.