Frugal Food Links

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Welcome to another frugal food links edition. Lets get started and discover how to save money while enjoying great food.

Our first stop is where modern food myths are busted. Does microwaving plastic cause cancer? Are baby carrots treated with dangerous chlorine? Can Acai berries magically lead to weight loss? Find the answers to these myths and more.

Ever wonder what to do with burnt steak or soup thats too salty? Tisha Tolar has the answers at with her 5 Quick Fixes to Salvage a Good Meal.

Could store brands taste just as good as the name brands? Len Penzo at set up a neat experiment to find out. Lenzo created a panel of experts to blind taste test some supermarket brands along with their name brand counterparts. The results may surprise you.

We all know that cooking at home is both cheaper and healthier than eating out. Yet its often hard to figure out where to start. Trent at the Simple Dollar has Ten Spectacular Tips for Getting Started in the Kitchen.

Eating healthy is more important than ever. Zen Family Habits offers advice for making this easier with 7 Steps To Sustainable Eating Habits.