How to Enjoy Your Grocery Store Indulgences Guilt Free

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Yes, Ill admit it. I have my grocery store indulgences – those sinful over-priced temptations that quickly inflate shopping bills.

My particular Achilles heel is silky smooth, delicious Dove  ice cream.  At $4.79 a pint its nearly twice as expensive as quality ice creams like Breyers and Edys. Yet, I just cant resist the taste of Dove ice cream.

Im sure Im not alone with my budget busting supermarket indulgences. For some its the Godiva chocolate bars in the candy aisle. For others its the Milano cookies, butcher counter filet mignon steak, or those premium coffee beans. We all have things that we enjoy but which dramatically inflate our grocery bills.

So how does one enjoy these expensive indulgences without feeling financial guilty in these tough economic times? Here are a few tips we use.

Offset Your Indulgent Spending.

So you’re addicted to Haagen Daaz ice cream bars or to Dofino Gouda cheese. That’s understandable. Just make changes in your normal shopping behavior to compensate for the indulgent purchases. Force yourself to buy store brand sugar, butter, canned vegetables, and bread to compensate for that expensive box of macadamia nuts you just placed in your grocery cart.

Tempted by that expensive cut of wild Alaskan salmon, offset the cost by visiting a bakery outlet for your bread and other baked goods.  Purchase the cheaper apples instead of the more expensive plums and pick up the heads of lettuce instead of the shredded and packaged lettuce in order to offset the cost of the premium brand of frozen cheesecake you just purchased.

Limit Your Costly Treats.

Allow yourself to indulge once in a while. Just limit the number of indulgences. Give each person two treats per shopping trip, for example. Just before hitting the checkout counter,  double check to make sure that you’ve stuck to your limit, or have spouse or child keep track of these purchases for you.

Stock Up on Expensive Indulgences at Super Sales.

As I said I love Dove ice cream, especially the chocolate cherry variety. Yet I also realized how extremely expensive this indulgence can be. Now when I see  this temptation I walk right past knowing I can get it on sale. Not just any old sale will do though. I have to wait for the super sales.

Every store item has a regular rotation of sale prices. At one point a product may be on sale at a 10% discount, a couple of weeks later at a 30% discount, followed by a sale a few weeks later at a 20% discount. Periodically an item will hit the rock bottom sales price in what I call its super sales price – typically discounted at 50% or more!

For my local Chicago stores the super sales price for my Dove ice cream is usually $2.50. Compared to the regular $4.79 price this is a bargain.  Its at this point that I stock up, allowing me to enjoy my sinful indulgence at half price.

Every family has expensive budget busting indulgences. But there are ways we can still enjoy our little pleasures while watching our budgets.

So what are some of your family’s sinful indulgences? What suggestions do you have for enjoying them without breaking the bank?