What Starbucks Knows About Oatmeal That Can Save You Money

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Starbucks announced that since the September introduction its Perfect Oatmeal has been the single highest volume food item in Starbucks history. Just this month, Jamba Juice joined Starbucks and Corner Bakery by adding oatmeal to its menu.

Food chains like Starbucks, Corner Bakery, and Jamba Juice are realizing what mothers have known for decades. People love the taste of oatmeal, especially in the dead of winter.

Not only can oatmeal provide a hot and tasty morning meal, but its also the perfect food for the health conscious. High in fiber, low in fat, oatmeal lowers cholesterol associated with heart disease.

Yet companies like Starbucks aren’t introducing oatmeal just because it tastes good or because its so healthy, but more likely because of the high profit margins. Simply put, restaurants can charge a lot of money for a product thats relatively cheap to make.

The basic ingredients – oatmeal, water or milk, brown sugar, and a few pieces of fruit cost very little (less than 50 cents) per serving but places like Starbucks and Corner Bakery charge 2.99 to $3.25 per serving!

Use what these food chains know to serve your family a cheap and delicious comfort food. Skip those packets of instant oatmeal. In a previous post we showed that these are much more expensive than regular oatmeal and not that much more convenient.

Instead, purchase a large tub of regular Quaker oatmeal. For $3.49 at a local supermarket we were able to buy a large 42 oz tub of regular Quaker oatmeal that produces 30 servings. This about the same price as a single serving of oatmeal at Starbucks!

This store bought oatmeal is quick to make. Simply pour some oatmeal into a cup, add milk or water, and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Add some butter, brown sugar, and a few slices of banana, some raisins, or other fruit and you have a delicious meal at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, oatmeal at 11.6 cents per serving is one of the cheapest breakfast foods you can make – much cheaper than processed boxed kids cereals, even when these cereals are on sale!

So to help save money in difficult economic times consider cheap, but tasty oatmeal made quickly in your own kitchen. Remember, in the time it takes to park at Starbucks, stand in line, hand over your cash, and receive your oatmeal you could have made your own delicious oatmeal at home.