Supermarket Speed Bumps That Get You to Spend More

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In today’s tough economy many consumers are now shopping with a grocery list to help save money. They realize a list focuses their shopping behavior like a laser, helping them avoid ever present, but costly, impulse purchases. Yet supermarkets realize that shoppers are increasingly entering their stores with a singular purpose in mind to grab […]

How to Enjoy Your Grocery Store Indulgences Guilt Free

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Yes, Ill admit it. I have my grocery store indulgences – those sinful over-priced temptations that quickly inflate shopping bills. My particular Achilles heel is silky smooth, delicious Dove  ice cream.  At $4.79 a pint its nearly twice as expensive as quality ice creams like Breyers and Edys. Yet, I just cant resist the taste […]

Frugal Food Tips From the Great Depression

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While wandering around one of my favorite thrift stores I ran across the book We Had Everything But Money. This book is a collection of first hand accounts of life during the Great Depression. If you think were experiencing difficult financial times now, consider what the nation faced then – a complete collapse of the […]

A Simple Way to Slash Your Grocery Bill

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Has this ever happened to you? You run into the supermarket to grab a few items and end up walking out with a cart full of groceries. You’re not alone. Supermarkets have designed it this way. Simple put, they are masters of the impulse purchase. In fact, depending on the study cited, between 40% to […]

7 More Simple Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill

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In a previous post we listed seven simple ways to dramatically cut your grocery bill. With food prices expected to rise even further in 2009, its more important than ever to take steps to slash your grocery costs. Here are 7 more simple ways to save money in tough economic times. Shop with a list. […]

Expensive Steak at A Budget Price

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Why pay for expensive filet-mignon when you can enjoy an equally succulent, tender steak at a bargain basement price?  Thanks to the folks at the University of Florida and University of Nebraska its now possible due to the creation of a new steak called the Flat Iron Steak. This cut of meat comes from deep […]

How Food Packaging Illusions Cost You Money

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I’m always amazed at how food companies alter the packaging and appearance of their products to entice us to make a purchase. A recent example of this occurred with my regular orange juice purchase. A few months ago while browsing my local grocery store I came across a special promotional case featuring a new variety […]

When More is Less

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Surprisingly, a trip to the movie theater reminded me of a great lesson that can save you money in the grocery store. Approaching the movie theater concession stand I decided to order my usual medium bucket of buttered popcorn (yeah I realize that movie popcorn is not the most frugal purchase but we all splurge […]