Frugal Food Links

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Hello. Today Im going to take you on a little trip around the blogosphere and highlight some great frugal food articles.

Everybody is trying to eat healthy. In a down economy, however, this can become quite difficult. Vic Magary at shows you how to Eat Healthy on $10 a Day. is a great website that provides personal finance tips and advice. Site moderator Ray presents 5 Ways I Save Money on Groceries. Particularly interesting is his method for substituting expensive processed foods for cheaper healthier alternatives.

A very interesting post over at Out of Debt Again. Mrs. Accountability describes her first week using a cash only system for groceries. It allows her to save money and stay under budget. She mentions seven specific frugal moves that the cash system encouraged her to make in the first week alone.

Kris at Cheap Healthy Good provides a prescription for dealing with Food Affluenza the tendency to allow our food costs to bloat as our incomes increase.

According to, substituting top-shelf alcohol with generic booze and recycling baskets of chips are a few tricks some restaurants use to pinch pennies. Check out the site for 10 Dirty Little Restaurant Secrets.

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly shows you how switching to store brands can be a painless way to slash your grocery bill with his real life grocery store experiment.

In a much older article (from 2005 in fact) but a timely one never-the-less, Frank at Hello Dollar presents an interesting argument for how brown bagging your lunch can earn you a half a million dollars over your lifetime!

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