Are You Leaving Money Behind at the Supermarket?

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A common piece of advice frequently given to shoppers is to check grocery store receipts for mistakes. This advice is now more important than ever!

You see supermarket offers are becoming ever more complex. Instead of a simple price discount, you’re often required to purchase multiple quantities of a product in order to obtain an even larger discount. Buy 2 bottles of soda get 1 free. Save $3 when you purchase 2 jars of spaghetti.

This works for the supermarket as they sell more product and it also works for you as you frequently enjoy larger discounts for buying more.

The problem with these increasingly complex grocery store offers is this. If the store scanner is not programmed correctly, the mistake will cost you more money than usual.

Let me give you an example.

A recent Chicago supermarket offered Marie Callender frozen dinners on sale for $2.99, or you could get the frozen dinners for the super low price of $1.99 IF you purchased 5 or more dinners. Naturally I picked up five dinners and placed them in my cart.

The problem arose when I arrived at the check-out counter. My total appeared to be $5 more than I had mentally calculated.

As the cashier and I scoured the receipt looking for the reason behind the $5 discrepancy, the store manager walked by glancing at the five dinners sitting at the end of the checkout counter. She then quickly relayed to the cashier that the scanners were having a problem applying the discount. It seems that I was still being charged $2.99 when I should have been charge $1.99 for the frozen dinners, creating the $5 overcharge.

As the manager had just taken care of another gentleman who was similarly overpriced, she quickly took care of me and I was on my way with my $5 in hand.

But I wonder how many others paying less attention walked out of the store not realizing that they had left their hard earned $5 in store cash register.

Have you been a victim of scanner errors or mispriced merchandise?