Frugal Food Link Edition

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Today Id like to mention some great frugal food articles from around the blogosphere.

In a previous post we discussed the presence of pesticides on our produce and the possible impact on our children. Heather at the Greenest Dollar provides even more information about the pesticides on our food and the possible effects of these pesticides on humans.

It seems you just cant trust your grocery store flyer. Trent at the Simple Dollar sheds light on many of the deceptive practices found in your local supermarket sales circular.

Still like dining out despite tough economic times? Myscha Theriault at WiseBread shows you how to eat out while spending less money.

Borrow From None has a great article that explains the money saving concept of Once a Month Cooking.

Do you have a green thumb? Squawkfox shows you how to save money with square foot gardening, while Frugal Upstate shows you how to dehydrate home grown herbs in your car.

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