How to Avoid Impulse Purchases

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How many times has this happened to you? You stop by the store to pick up a gallon of milk and some eggs, but end up leaving with a whole shopping cart full of groceries.

Supermarkets are masters at making you purchase more than you ever intend to, even when you only want to buy a few items.

Here are four simple tips to make sure you leave with only what you want after making a quick stop for a few essentials.

Forget the Hand Basket. If you need only a few basics, skip the hand basket or grocery cart. With only two hands and arms youll only be able to carry the few essentials you came in for. A sure-fire way to avoid impulse purchases.

Continually Remind Yourself.
If you only need a few items, make a shopping list. At the top of the list write something to the effect of  I am in the store only to buy the items on my list.

Every time you pick up an item and check it off your list, youll see this statement which will remind you to stick to your plan.

Bring Just Enough Cash. You can usually figure out ahead of time how much that gallon of milk, dozen eggs, and bag of sugar is going to cost you. To avoid the temptation of extra purchases just estimate how much money youll need.

Bring that amount plus a little bit more into the store with you. Leave your credit cards at home or in your car. When you have only enough cash to cover what you came into the store for, you leave with only what you intended to leave with.

Make a Bee-Line for the Products You Need. Most people shop by waking up one aisle then down the next. This causes us to walk past aisle upon aisle of temptations and dramatically increases the number of impulse purchases we make.

Instead, make a bee-line for the products you intend to buy. Dont know where one of your items is located its better to simply ask one of the grocery store clerks than to walk up and down store aisles confronted with endless temptations.

By using these simple techniques you can make sure the next time you go into the grocery store youll leave with only what you planned to.