Save Money by Editing Your Grocery Cart

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If you ever wrote a high school or college term paper, you probably remember the numerous hours spent researching, organizing, and writing.

Before you turned in the labor of your hard work, you probably took some time to sit back and edit what you wrote removing unnecessary words, deleting sentences, and taking out paragraphs that didn’t make sense.

To save money at the grocery store you can use this very same principle. Simply edit out unnecessary purchases in your shopping cart before moving to the check-out counter.

When you enter the grocery store you’re bombarded by a number of offers, sales messages, and so called bargains. Supermarkets purposefully do this in order to overload your senses in the hopes that you’ll buy more than you need.

Additionally, your emotions can overwhelm sound shopping decisions. When you’re sad or upset, for example, you tend to buy more. When you’re hungry you tend to purchase more as well.

As a result, we can make poor decisions when we place items into our shopping carts. This is where editing your shopping cart becomes important, but is seldom done. Editing involves simply reviewing the contents in your shopping cart and removing those items you really don’t need.

Do you really need that expensive Haagen-Dazs ice cream or did you place it in your cart because you were feeling lousy?

Are you really going to make that special recipe that requires those expensive bottles of spices?

The sales sign said 5 cans of beans for $5, but do you really need 5? In most cases you’ll still get the sale price if you only buy 3 or 4 cans.

What about that magazine you picked up because of the interesting article cant you read the same article on the magazines website?

How about that hair dye, its probably much cheaper at Target.

Realize that there’s no rule that says once you put something in your shopping cart you cant take it back out. By taking a few minutes to calmly edit your grocery cart you reduce unnecessary or unnecessarily expensive purchases. This can literally save you hundreds of dollars every single year!